Images of Amazing Grace, Oakland CA 94611 USA


New rings (warm colors)

This painting came forth during the months of September and October 2007, a 48″x36″ acrylic on heavy canvas which I’ve layered with “interference” washes, emphasizing the temporal change which tracks the changing light of each new day. Any interesting piece does this, of course, but I’ve worked to enhance this element in my work. (I have included a detail of this painting to show its textural quality.) “New Rings, Warm Colors” is in the collection of Gerald T. Hathaway, New York, New York. It was a gift from his daughter, Anne, who wrote, “I love the idea of him looking at ‘New Rings’ in the morning, and having his day begin with passionate, hopeful colors, deceptively simple shapes with complex undertones, all composed by an artist he loves!”


New Rings, Warm Colors detail 01


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