Images of Amazing Grace, Oakland CA 94611 USA

Artist Statement

Night Sky

Collection of Niles Dolbeare, Richmond CA. 60″X48″, Acrylic on Canvas

The universe is matter and energy —forming and unforming, reforming and
deforming, informing and conforming, always restless, always changing.
And we as humans are virtually defined by our need to quantify, to name,
in some way to “tame” this chaos. As we are transformed into social
creatures, we adopt givens, templates if you will, for perception. We see a
certain red, for example, and, deep in the fish brain, we remember berries or
blood – think of food — and hence are passionate about the color red. We
may “see” a shape as a mouse, or a Kabuki mask; one sees the light above a
glen in a forest while another sees very clearly a splotch of yellow paint in
a green canvas. Constantly, restlessly, obsessively, we translate an
amorphous world into terms, into language, into images that we can feel
comfortable with. But, sadly, we are divided as commonly as we are
brought together by our inability to see and accept responsibility for the
personal templates we impose, so often unconsciously, on this world we so
closely share.

This is not new, certainly. Examining the mechanism of perception is as
old as the figures on the walls of the Lascaux Cave. But my pieces ask the
viewer to really see the way shape and form, texture and hue evoke
emotional and intellectual responses — an exercise akin to asking fish to
see water. I create canvases which are demanding of the witness; but those
who have chosen to live with my work assure me it has changed their lives.
Beyond that, I feel the paintings speak best for themselves.

Grace Harwood
Images of Amazing Grace
Oakland, California 94611 USA


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